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 The beginning

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PostSubject: The beginning   Thu Aug 19, 2010 11:24 am

Name: Cassady Laville
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Mother: unknown
Father: unknown

It was a hot day. Together with her beloved brother she was in the little forest, close to the little village. There was a small lake inside the forest and they were bathing and having fun.

"Did you hear that?" her brother asked. "Hear what?" she replied....and then she heard it herself. Screams of terror and pain...from their village. She stared at him confusion. "Come!" he said and starts to search for their clothes.

Warily they get out of the forest...back to the village. The sight didn’t look good, they saw fire and smoke....and still those terrifying screams. Slowly they got closer...and then they saw the bodies. Fire and blood was all around in the small village....and in the center of all that horror were the riders. Their faces were masked with insanity, their blades dripping with blood.

She grabbed her brothers hand and whispered "Let's run away from here!" They turned to run.... Slowly they looked up, up to the rider who was standing behind them. He grins and lets out a war scream in a strange language, raising his bloody sword.

In panic they spun around, only to see more riders all around them, surrounded. Trapped.

Two of them got down from their horses, grabbing the two kids, placing them to face each other.

The one behind Cass grabs her hair, forcing her to look at her brother. She looked into his eyes, then she saw a swift motion....and steel. Her eyes widens as she realized the blade was on her brothers throat. The man who held him grins down at her...and moved his hand swiftly.

She was still staring at her brother, not realizing yet what had happened. Then she felt the warm liquid covering her face...she touched her face, staring at her red hands, then back to her brother. His throat had a red line, the blood came out in streams. That is what had hit her face...

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!" she screamed out and struggled to get to him, but the grip in her hair was firm. She watched his body drop to the ground.....then the world went dark.

The next days were a blur. Tents in the desert, horses, beatings.... more darkness...

After some weeks the riders reached a city. It was a nice city, but she didn't care at all. They brought her to a market, and talked with someone there. She still didn't understand any of the words. She saw coins changing hands, then she was grabbed and shackles were placed on her wrists.

With an attached chain the stranger dragged her away...away to her new fate....slavery.
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The beginning
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