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 Sands of Shalendra (Preliminary) Master RP Roles List

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Shahbanu Rhia

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PostSubject: Sands of Shalendra (Preliminary) Master RP Roles List   Mon Nov 22, 2010 11:19 am

Sands of Shalendra (Preliminary) Master RP Roles List
(Roles subject to change)

This list is NOT all-inclusive. Our goal is to recreate life in Ancient Shalendra as closely as possible within the limits of SL.

Royal Family:
  A. Shahbanu of Persia (Empress)
 B. Shahzadi of Persia (Princess)

Palace Attendants/Government:
   A. Royal Viziers (Ministers & Advisors)
   B. Ambassadors/Diplomats
   C. Royal Guards
   D. Royal Dance Mistress
   E. Royal Scribes
   F. Tax Collectors
   G. Handmaidens and Ladies-in-waiting
   H. Servants/Palace Slaves/Etc

  A. Teachers

   A. Head Priest/Head Priestess
   B. Priest/Priestess
   C. Acolyte

Aristocracy (nobility)

   Blacksmiths, Jewelers, Painters, Potters, Ect.

Citizens/City Workers:  
      Bakers, Tailors, Merchant Sailors, Fishermen, Trade Merchants, Farmers, Snake charmers, Prostitutes, Thieves, Ect.

     Physician, Physicians assistant

 A. Harem Mistress
 B. Harem Mistress’s Assistant
 C. Chief Harem Girl
 D. Harem Dancers
 E. Harem Girls
 F. Harem Slaves
 G. Eunuchs
(Harem members also have the job of being Persia’s Official Greeters.)

  A. Tavern Keeper
  B. Musicians (DJs)
  C. Serving Girls
  D. Dancers
  E. Bouncers

 A. Slave Master
 B. Slave Trader  
 C. Slaves (various types)


Desert Tribes/Nomads/Tuaregs:  

  A. Command
  B. Trainers
  C. Infantry
  D. Archers
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Sands of Shalendra (Preliminary) Master RP Roles List
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