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Shahbanu Rhia

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PostSubject: SAMPLE   Sun Aug 15, 2010 9:57 pm

This is my character backstory from back when I was a Panther Girl in Gor, but it should give you an idea of how much fun you can have with this.

Name: Rhiannon Marie Carlucci
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Mother: Elena (Montero) de la Vega
Father: Don Diego de la Vega

Rhiannon Carlucci was born January 31st, 1982 in Atlantic City, NJ, USA, Earth. Her identical twin sister, Wynne was both 10 minutes later. The girls are of Spanish and Persian heritage.

While the 2 girls were physically identical, their personalities and temperaments were anything but. Rhia was assertive, self-assured and outgoing: the tomboy of the family. Wynne was the quiet, demure, ‘feminine’ one.

During high school, Rhia joined the local volunteer ambulance squad. Immediately after graduating, Rhia, who had by now become certified as a Paramedic, enlisted in the US Army and trained as a Combat Medic. Upon completing her enlistment, she took advantage of the GI Bill to enroll at Texas A&M University where she doubled-majored in Environmental Sciences and Forestry. She graduated with Honors.

This combination of skills and academic achievement led to an immediate job offer from the United States National Park Service as a Park Ranger heading one of the Search and Rescue teams at Yellowstone National Park. Rhia gladly accepted the position.

After being on the job almost a year, Rhia’s supervisor informed her that he was sending her in his place to NPS Headquarters in Washington, DC for a 3-day conference. This was good news for Rhia, since Wynne now lived in Falls Church, VA, almost right outside of DC. She would be able to stay with her sister while she was there.

Wynne had followed her childhood passion and become a professional belly dancer. She was very successful, and went by the stage name of Soyara.

A quick phone call, oddly filled with static, assured Rhia that Wynne would be home while she was there visiting. The two sisters looked forward to the reunion.

In the late afternoon of Rhia’s second day there, when there was a knock on Wynne’s apartment door. It was Bob, Nancy’s husband who was one of Wynne’s closest friends, and a fellow dancer. Nancy had taken a fall, and sprained her ankle. She was hoping Wynne could cover her at a performance that night in Arlington. When asked why Bob, or Nancy for that matter hadn’t just celled, he told her they had, but got a constant busy signal. When she looked, Wynne saw that the phone was off the hook. Grinning sheepishly, Wynne said that she would take over for Nancy.

With apologies to Rhia, Wynne got ready and left for the performance, leaving Rhia alone in the apartment. After her shower and getting ready for bed, Rhia decided to listen to some music. Being an apartment, this meant using headphones so as to not disturb the other tenants. This was a fateful decision…

Unable to hear anything aside from the playing music, and listening with her eyes closed, Rhia never knew anyone had picked the lock and entered the apartment until the tiny, sedative-filled dart hit her neck. By then it was too late, and the world went black for her.

Some time later, Rhia awoke, feeling groggy and very disoriented. It took a few moments for her to register that she was inside of a clear, plastic tube of some sort. She also realized with shock that she was totally naked. Fighting panic, she looked at her surroundings, but couldn’t see anything aside from other similar tubes in the circular room, and what looked like a control panel.

Eventually, a door opened that Rhia hadn’t seen, and 2 rather normal looking men walked in. Rhia greeted them with a cordial, “Who the FUCK are you assholes, and what the hell do you want with me?” This wasn’t the reaction that either man expected.

With a growl of anger, one of the men replied, “Watch your mouth kajira, or you’ll be whipped until you do!” The other man went to the control panel, and used to start the clear plastic tube rising into the ceiling. Sensing that her life hung in the balance, Rhia didn’t even wait for the tube to pass her head before she whirled into an attack with a reverse side kick to the closer man’s throat, crushing his windpipe and killing him instantly. Dodging the darts fired from the second man, she was about to reach him when the door slid soundlessly open, and she was hit by a dart from the new man who stood there. Rhia crumpled to the floor.

Taking stock of one dead and another who narrowly avoided being that way, the new man ordered Rhia placed back in the tube, and went off to make a radio call to his boss.

“You IDIOT!” came the very annoyed voice from the wall-mounted speaker. “You got her sister, NOT the woman you went for! This one is an ex-soldier, has had martial arts training and has substantial medical training!” The voice paused before going on, “Do you have ANY idea of what you’ve done? Not only have you violated the laws by taking a woman from Earth with medical training, you’ve taken one who may NEVER be broken to the collar! DAMN IT!”

After a clearly audible sigh, the voice continued, “Alright. We can’t take her back, and we don’t dare leave her with the others. Bring her here, in IRONS. Both hands and feet! I’ll have to think of something.” With that, the radio went silent.

Rhia sat at the table, smoking her 5th cigarette, and glaring alternately at the man and the huge beast sitting watching her every move. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that this was some kind of attack trained animal, and that the man knew himself to be quite safe from anything Rhia could do. The man shrugged apologetically, “So, that’s what happened and why you’re here.”

Rhia stubbed out her cigarette and immediately lit another from the pack on the table, the only outward sign of her nervousness. “You honestly expect me to believe that I’m on another planet? Do you loose brain matter every time you take a shit?”

The man actually smiles at her. “Whether or not you believe makes no difference. It is simple fact. You can not change it, NOR can you ever return to Earth.” The man paused, and lit a cigarette for himself from going on, “Of course you intend to try, but you will fail. The schedule and landing sites for the ships are the best kept secret on Gor. And, do you really believe that you could overpower the crew, and fly a ship back to earth yourself? Or, perhaps you think to force the crew to fly it for you? Be a realist, Miss Carlucci. You are now on Gor, and it is on Gor that you will remain.”

It wasn’t until several hours later, long after the sun had set, and Rhia was led outside that she finally accepted being on another planet. The lighter gravity wasn’t enough to do it. Rhia simply chalked that feeling up to having been drugged. But, three moons in the sky was not something that could be faked. This was the final straw… Rhia broke down and sobbed hopelessly.

The next day, after her situation had been explained to her in great detail, she was presented with a choice: Be sent to the salt mines of Klima, or accept being trained as a Physician by the High Council of the Caste of Physicians themselves. It wasn’t much of a choice.

For the next 9 months, Rhia was trained as a physician at Ar. The life was simple, and she was treated fairly well. That changed when she was sent, along with a full physician and another apprentice, to treat injuries in an outlying district which has just had a major fire. The group was attacked by bandits, and fight as she would, Rhia was captured.

Tied to a branding bench, her temper, and her mouth, got the better of her. She was branded nonetheless, but afterwards, was given to the entire outlaw band ‘for their pleasure’. She was raped repeatedly and viciously, and left in a catatonic state.

For three days, Rhia lay where she’d been left. Oblivious to the cruel kicks to her head & body (one kick which had fractured her ribs), of being verbally reviled and even of occasionally being urinated on. For three days, she was awake, but aware of absolutely nothing, having withdrawn that far within herself. During that time, the outlaws went on another slave raid.

For three days, Rhia’s mind had blocked out everything. On the morning of the fourth day, it was a voice, a name, a horrified scream which finally penetrated and brought Rhia back to the horrors of reality. “RHIANNON!!!!” The voice was her own, yet it wasn’t. There was only person who that scream could have come from…

Snapping her eyes open, Rhia saw Wynne break away from an outlaw, and run towards her. Then, as if in slow motion, she watched, powerless to stop it, as the outlaw pulled an arrow from his quiver, placed it on his bow, drew back, and fired. The arrow hit Wynne with enough force to hurl her the last few yards to collapse at Rhia’s side. A shocked, pitiful, anguished look filled Wynne’s eyes as she looked to her sister. With the last of her fading strength, Wynne reached out her hand towards Rhia.. With her last, dying breath, she whispered her sister’s name… Then the light faded from her beautiful eyes, and she was gone…

For a long second, the world stopped. No one moved. Even the outlaws themselves seemed shocked into immobility.

The moment was shattered with a primal scream of rage and anguish as Rhia burst to her feet and charged the outlaw. First one, then another, and then yet another arrow smashed into Rhia’s body without even slowing her. There was no finesse, no training at all in her attack. There was no coherent thought in her mind, other than: KILL! And, kill she did. She slammed into the outlaw with so much force that she lifted him off his feet and carried him backwards, where, locked together, they both went over the cliff edge.

Late that night, Rhia’s battered and broken body washed up on the sandy edge of the river, by sheer chance, right at the night camp of a slaver’s caravan.

With more an eye for profit than any measure of compassion, the slaver pulled Rhia from the water, and sent for a physician. It was a week before the physician was even certain she would live.

Two months later Rhia, a collared slave, found herself aboard a ship bound for Lydius. Sullen and withdrawn, Rhia’s beauty still drew the attention of her guards. One guard in particular, took to offering her hard candies and allowing her to walk freely on deck late at night.

Having had a bit too much paga before beginning his guard duty, Darius decided he would wait no more for the dark-skinned beauty to respond to his kindness. Bringing Rhia up on deck as he had done each previous night, he then led her to a secluded spot, and roughly spun her around. Reaching out, he grabbed and squeezed her left breast. Memories of her previous rape still fresh in her mind, Rhia attacked. But, her injuries had taken their toll upon her, making her slow. Darius was able to deflect her attack, though the suddenness of it did sober him enough to know he would never hear the end of it if his comrades found out he’d been attacked by a slave girl.

Silently in the gleaming moonlight, he drew his dagger, thinking to cower this girl into submission. That was the wrong thing to do. Rather than cowering, Rhia attacked again. Reacting instinctively, Darius swung with the dagger, opening Rhia’s cheek to the bone. In the shock of the pain, she knew that Darius could no longer let her live, not without facing his bosses fury at what would undoubtedly be a bad, and permanent scar on her face. With that realization, she fought with all the skills she possessed, and quickly killed him.

Taking his weapons and tying them to herself tightly, she looked to make sure no one was near, and then jumped overboard and into the warm, black waters of the sea.

Treading water until the ship was well off into the distance, Rhia set out with slow, calm strokes towards the island she had just been able to make out in the moonlight.

Unknown to her, that island was named Isle of Sin, and was home to the Damu Kabila tribe of Panther Girls. And they were to soon become her family…
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