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Shahbanu Rhia

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PostSubject: SAMPLE   Sun Aug 15, 2010 10:04 pm

This is a just a sample of a basic character bio. (This one is mine from when I was Priestess/Healer with the Amazon Celts.)

Name: Rhiannon Carlucci
Age: 33
Birth Place: Dyfed (South-West Wales)

Father: Mathayus (Akkadian assassin)
Mother: Cassandra (Healer and Priestess)
Brothers: None
Sisters: (One unknown half sister on father’s side.)
Children: None.

Character personality:

Rhia is strong-willed, intelligent, and unwilling to put up with those she considers to be narrow-minded, manipulative, or weak by their own choice. She has a big heart for those she cares for though she'll try her best to hide that. But if a person does something wrong and refuses to correct themselves it doesn't matter who they are she'll chew them up one side and down the other. However, Rhia is more than willing to help anyone truly in need no matter what the cost is to herself.

Physical description:

Rhia is lean and fit from all her years of travel, but she's a bit on the short side when it comes to height. Her hair was once dark brown but because of her affiliation with magic-use it has been bleached out over the years until her rather long hair turned silvery-white. Rhia can look just as regal as an ice queen when she wants, especially when she's about to get into an argument with someone and knows she'll win. Otherwise, she looks like a self-assured, confident, and yet trustworthy and somewhat friendly woman. As a side-effect from using magic so much, she looks somewhat younger than she really is.

Abilities and special skills:

Adept-level Healer-Mage powers, formal physician training, mind-speaking, archery, horseback riding, skilled in planning and organization, she can also speak in at least 5 languages
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